You’re Not Catching The Explanation, You’re Shooting It

Does “Tenet” have plot holes? If so, are they “bungee-jumpable?” You’d have to ask Robert Pattinson. His character, Neil, is the 1 working with that phrase, and like the Protagonist, we are not even convinced it’s a genuine term. Nevertheless, Neil is alternatively very well-knowledgeable about sure points, these as the fact that the Protagonist doesn’t consume on the position, which is why he is aware to get a Diet program Coke for him suitable right after they initially fulfill. This foreknowledge on Neil’s section comes up yet again later on.

When “Tenet” does adhere to the masked-and-muffled conceit of other Nolan movies in the 2010s, it also tends to make moves by way of mental dialogue to reveal its time inversion rules to the viewer. The actual bungee-jumping, as it were, arrives in caverns of exposition. There is far more than a single sequence of the Protagonist and Neil walking and talking, then keeping strap handles on public transportation and expositing some a lot more.

Some of the info dumps are humorless, like when a lab technician, played by Clémence Poésy, debriefs the Protagonist on catching a bullet versus capturing it and tells him that the inverted objects they’re recovering are “the detritus of a coming war.” But amid its dense dialogue, backward fights and car or truck chases, and brain-bending causal loops, the motion picture retains up a drip-feed of clarity so that we can comprehend the stakes of the Protagonist’s mission.

He is “seeking to avoid Entire world War III,” as it’s ominously set. In the meantime, the resident Bond villain, Sator (Kenneth Branagh), is collecting the nine artifacts needed to piece with each other the Algorithm, which will allow him to “invert the entropy of the environment.” If Sator succeeds, “all people and every little thing that is at any time lived will be destroyed right away.”

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“Together with my son?” asks Sator’s disaffected wife, Kat (Elizabeth Debicki).

Yes, ma’am, such as your son.

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