Xi pledges China’s full support for flood-hit Pakistan

Xi pledges China’s full support for flood-hit Pakistan

Pakistan as a nation is going through a very tough team. They are suffering due to floods. It is advise that almost one –third of the nation is under flood and over 1100 people have already died due to same. Over 1527 people have also been injured in this flood. Pakistan was already under financial burden and on top of it the floods have made the situation worse. Their economy was struggling with an inflation rate of about 25%. Shehbaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan has already appealed for aid to tackle this. International Monetary Fund has already help them with $1.1 billion in wake of this natural disaster.

The floods is caused by unprecedented monsoon rains. The rains have washed away crops, roads, bridges, home etc. The nation is supposed have suffered losses worth $10 billion atleast. Almost 1 million homes has been destroyed due to the floods. Ahsan Iqbal, Pakistan’s planning minister predicts that coming months will be very tough for the nation as they would face severe food shortages. The floods have been worse than what has hit the nation in 2010. In 2010 almost 2000 people died due to same. Their finance minister Miftah Ismal mentioned that Pakistan would consider importing vegetables from India to address their food shortages.

China has always been Pakistan’s ally and close friend. Chinese President Xi Jinping has extended full support for Pakistan. He empathised with Pakistan President Arif Alvi and said that Pakistan and China have stood together in all tough times and have stood together in face of many problems including the natural disasters and China will continue to support Pakistan in the wake of the recent floods. China has already donated 50,000 blankets, over 4000 tents and other daily essential. They are planning to donate another 25,000 tents and other emergency daily essentials in wake to this crisis. Pakistan has also received $300,000 from the Red Cross Society of China.

Indian PM ,Narendra Modi has also reached out to Pakistan to offer aid. He sympathised with the current situation in Pakistan. There are talks happening at the higher level and it is cleared, then Indian government will extend aid to their fellow neighbors.

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