Why Women’s Equality day is celebrated?

Why Women’s Equality day is celebrated?

August 26th is a special day in the history of the United States. This is the day in which constitution of the United States passed the 19th Amendment. This amendment gave the women the right to vote. Post same every year 26th of the August is celebrated as the Women’s Equality Day.

This day is celebrated every year to acknowledge the women of our daily life and specially the woman who has fought for their rights in the past. It was the 19th century in which the women of the United States raised their voice against the injustice which they were subjected to. There were low wages and salaries for women as compared to the men for the same work. Also there was no equality and representation to women in terms of social and political front.

19th Amendment was first introduced in 1878, however it did not had desired impact. Entire world could not have forget the contribution of women in the World War 1. The women movement picked up speed and had its effect transferred on other countries also. Countries like Finland, United Kingdom and New Zealand also legalized voting of the women. For any amendment to passed or executed in United States, it need to have acceptance of the two-thirds of the state. That means 36 states had to agree for the 19th Amendment to be passed and implemented.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, Lucretia Mott, Ruth Hanna McCormick, Jeannette Rankin and Alice Paul are the major pioneers of this movement. Women’s Equality day is celebrated every day to acknowledge this contribution of the heroic women. It makes us realize the hurdles that these women had faced in the past.

The current generation can learn a lot from the past heroes. This day gives the feeling of the gratitude towards the pioneers of this movement. It also realize us that the fight is not over. The movement have to kept alive. Even now, some women are not created equally and are living under patriarchal pressure. They are still women out there who are not given their right to education. The movement has to kept alive for them.

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