When Ping-Pong Helped Improve U.S./China Relations

When the match arrived to an conclusion, right after the experience concerning Cowan and Zedong had been publicized, Chairman Mao invited the American crew, together with their spouses and a couple journalists, to come to China. Americans ended up not permitted to stop by China at this time, and American passports explicitly said that they could not be utilized to journey to any communist country. Having said that, it was clear that this was the begin of a thing important, and so the ping-pong crew was allowed to accept the invitation. Their passports had been offered official edits from the Office of Point out: China was crossed out on the list of international locations that could not be frequented. 

The American team flew to Hong Kong, which was then controlled by the British, and they then crossed a bridge into mainland China, turning out to be the to start with Americans to formally pay a visit to since 1949. The moment they had been at their desired destination, the ping-pong group did what they did best: engage in desk tennis. 

Exhibitions were held in a couple of cities in China. The Chinese staff was leagues greater at table tennis than their opponents, but the matches were being not intended to be aggressive. Instead, the place was to emphasize friendship involving the two nations. For the duration of the weeklong go to, the Us residents did not just perform desk tennis, though. They really served as makeshift diplomats, touring Chinese landmarks and dealing with cultural actions and performances. They have experienced banquets with major Chinese officials, which includes Leading Zhou Enlai

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Nixon’s later meal with Zhou Enlai unfortunately did not contain any ping-pong.
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