White Florida Man Caught on Camera Threatening to Break Black Woman’s Jaw At A Park [Video] – Baller Alert

A gentleman remains on the free after two incidents involving him allegedly harassing and assaulting individuals.

Before this 7 days, Sonia Telusnord and her sister Faria Bathol ended up celebrating a household member’s birthday celebration at Baker Park in Naples when a man approached them immediately after their kids went to play at the park.

“Apparently he was indicating there was an 18-month-aged at the bottom of the slide and I was like okay, this is for 5-12 year olds,” claimed Telusnord, NBC 2 reports. When the man confronted them, Telusnord and Bathol received into a heated verbal altercation that was all recorded by Telusnord’s daughter. Throughout the back and forth, the person referred to as the ladies “animal,” “trash” and “classless.”

He even told the sisters that he’d “break [their] jaw in an effing heart beat’.” Bathol states she was anxious that the male would strike her. Immediately after reporting the incident, the gentleman was under no circumstances arrested.

Telusnord shared the ordeal on social media, which led to some on the internet people recognizing the person and sharing their individual lousy encounters with him. Just days before the park incident, the man allegedly manhandled a 15-year-previous boy in a theater who he considered bumped into his child immediately after a movie ended. The guy finished up evading arrest immediately after working away from the theater staff right before authorities confirmed up.

“I was perplexed for the reason that to me, I did not bump into no child. I did not experience it,” mentioned the teenager. The community is hoping at some place law enforcement get included. “He’s terrorizing all people,” explained Telusnord, NBC 2 reports.


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