77-Year-Old Siege of Leningrad Survivor Baba Yelena Osipova Inspires NFTs To Support Ukraine VS Russia

That’s ideal, there is an NFT whose proceeds are 100% committed to heading toward humanitarian hard work in Ukraine. Baba, or Babusya, is Ukranian for Grandmother and they have come to be a symbol of energy all through these horrible occasions for the Ukranian men and women.

Now you can get in on the action by supporting the war effort and hard work at bababrave.com, it has a collection of hand drawn NFTs whose features are picked at random by AI, so no two Babas are alike and no consumer knows which ones that they are heading to get. Some arrive with classic Ukranian objects as properly as Baba herself. Fairly an fascinating way to assistance the war effort and hard work in Ukraine.

Want to help the Ukraine? Invest in some NFTs!

This was motivated by 77 year old Baba Yelena Osipova who survived the German seige of Leningrad as a toddler and was at the Russian protest of Putin’s war on Wenesday right before remaining arrested by law enforcement. She is not the only Grandma standing up in opposition to this oppression, there are plenty of Grandmothers currently pushing back again versus this war in Ukraine and rapidly getting a symbol of resistance to the people today.

In accordance to sources these NFTs commence at close to $25 which is fairly reasonable for an NFT. Their operate will be restricted, around 10,000 parts, but these kinds of is the mother nature of NFTs. The firm by itself is headed by a Russian creator who has relatives ties in Ukraine who is currently living in Italy.

Ideal now whilst Ukraine is standing robust in the facial area of this current assault, they do want all the aid they can get. Nonetheless, the entire world appears to be on their facet and Anonymous, the hacking team, hacked into Russian Point out Television set and gave the men and women some serious stats about what was likely on with the war and their individual individuals.

They have also hacked into a number of Russian point out internet websites in buy to allow the Russian people know the true stats. There was a principle likely about a several times back that there was a group of fed up Russian Oligarchs who had been plotting to overthrow Putin, but so considerably nothing can essentially be established on that entrance.

Though according to Day by day Kos, Putin’s niece was overheard complaining that the US sanctions towards Russia had been “unfair”, consider how the folks of Ukraine truly feel! We will retain an eye on this. Continue to be tuned!!!


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