U.S. Charities Funneled More Than $105 Million to Anti-Muslim Groups

A new report revealed that corporations considered Islamophobic by the nation&#8217s biggest Muslim civil legal rights group gained extra than $105 million in donations from U.S. charities amongst 2017 and 2019.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said in a Jan. 11 report titled &#8220Islamophobia in the Mainstream&#8221 that it researched the tax data of 50 organizations it had formerly discovered as the premier funders of anti-Muslim leads to, and identified that 35 of them were the source of a overall of $105 million directed at these kinds of groups. CAIR has researched Islamophobia in the U.S. for decades and has been at the forefront of higher-profile lawful battles involving violations of Muslims’ religious liberties. For the functions of its study, CAIR identifies companies as Islamophobic if they help procedures that lead to discrimination against Muslims, demean Muslims since of their faith or allege that Islam signifies an existential risk to the U.S (or companion with other companies that do).
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“It is incredibly critical to not only keep track of folks who commit loathe crimes, but the people whose dollars contributes to the increase in loathe crimes,” says CAIR’s deputy director Edward Ahmed Mitchell. “If anti-Muslim despise groups are having funding from mainstream foundations, that&#8217s pretty about.”

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CAIR’s new report builds upon a longstanding body of investigation by the corporation and other establishments that highlights how revenue is funneled towards anti-Muslim groups. A series of experiences referred to as Panic, Inc., printed by the progressive assume tank Middle for American Development in 2011 and 2015, ended up amongst the very first to map out the difficulty in detail and found that 8 charitable foundations expended $57 million concerning 2001 and 2012 to guidance the distribute of anti-Muslim rhetoric. A 2019 report by CAIR uncovered that the complete earnings of anti-Muslim specific curiosity groups surpassed $1.5 billion involving 2014 and 2016. Mitchell notes that while 15 of the best 50 charities CAIR discovered as providing to Islamophobic teams in 2014-2016 did not do so in 2017-2019, the existing number is still “very considerable and very regarding.”

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“There definitely is this sophisticated, orchestrated network of activists, politicians and media personalities that are performing in coordination as this echo chamber to force out anti-Muslim rhetoric and coverage,” states Yasmine Taeb, a human rights attorney who co-authored the 2015 Concern, Inc. report.

CAIR’s analysis found that the charity team Christian Advocates Serving Evangelism Inc. donated additional to special curiosity groups CAIR identified as Islamophobic than other charities did by a sizeable margin—the donations had been close to $20 million every year amongst 2017 and 2019. Christian Advocates Serving Evangelism did not react to a request for comment.

Mitchell emphasizes that it is doable that some donors do not know their revenue is currently being utilised to perpetuate Islamophobia. Of the 35 businesses CAIR determined as giving resources to anti-Muslim teams, a handful were donor-recommended cash, which means that donors can counsel how they want their money to be directed but the fund in the long run decides how donations are expended. Contributors to these resources are typically anonymous, making it even far more difficult to track donations. “That’s section of the reason why we do this report, so that there is no excuse,” Mitchell says. CAIR hopes to create transparency so donors can consider higher accountability, he provides.

In its report, CAIR urged the philanthropic community to set up apparent guidelines to guarantee funds are not directed toward anti-Muslim groups and to teach their staff members and boards about the extent of anti-Muslim bigotry. The ultimate purpose, Mitchell says, is to minimize the danger of Islamophobia confronted by American Muslims.

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