Tyler Perry’s Sistas Recap: Andi Calls Out ‘Zatima’ and Lends a Legal Hand

Tyler Perry’s Sistas squandered no time on Wednesday receiving to the good stuff. That’s because the soapy Wager series opened with Andi and Fatima talking about Hayden’s dying.

Andi took one glance at Fatima and understood her good friend and administrative assistant experienced extra details about Hayden’s probable murder than she was allowing on. She also noticed that Fatima did not appear to be significantly shocked by the information. At any time the “G,” Fatima refused to come cleanse to Andi, even nevertheless the lawyer mentioned she had to be straightforward in order to get assistance.

Fatima and her sealed lips defiantly still left Andi’s place of work, so Andi reached out to Zac for solutions in its place. Zac, in distinction, was pretty shocked by the news and told Andi he did not have something to do with Hayden’s homicide. Though Andi didn’t seem to think him, she mentioned she was nervous about Fatima and was headed to his dwelling to straighten out matters.

On her way to Zac’s area, Andi obtained a get in touch with from Karen, who was dying to spill the tea on Danni and Preston. It turned out a person of Karen’s returning consumers at the salon experienced met a handsome white country boy who sounded a good deal like Preston, and the male was coming there to decide up the girl for their date. But when Karen identified as Danni to give her the intel, an angry and irritated Danni barked at Karen and informed her to go absent.

Tyler Perry's Sistas, Danni pointsTo be fair, Danni did have her arms comprehensive foiling a sex trafficker’s evil options and consoling the frightened lady he was trying to select up right after the guy was arrested, but perhaps she could’ve been a minor nicer to Karen. That’s why Karen named Andi. She was hoping that at minimum one particular of her friends would be sweet. Andi wasn’t particularly awesome nevertheless, she did notify Karen that she ought to depart Danni by itself when it will come to her complex connection with Preston.

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Karen then asked Andi if she could pay a visit to her at the salon because she could use a helpful confront, and Andi mentioned she would following managing an errand. What she could not convey to Karen is she was on her way to see Zac and Fatima in hopes of saving them from attainable jail time.

That kind of info would’ve made Ms. Karen a tiny way too giddy for her very own good. Plus, as a attorney, Andi has to glimpse out for her clients’ requirements very first, even if “Zatima” hadn’t requested for illustration however. Zac undoubtedly considered he may well will need Andi’s authorized guidance soon after he questioned Fatima what took place and aged lady was like “the significantly less you know, the better” and then casually changed the subject to their meal programs.

Tyler Perry's Sistas, ZatimaZac recoiled at Fatima’s contact simply because she wasn’t telling him what he desired to know and her body language and angle implied guilt. This is particularly what Andi assumed, far too, as she walked into Zac’s household accusing him of murder. The newfound millionaire swore to Andi he did not get rid of the dude, so she turned her interest to Fatima, who was all like, “No deal with, no situation.” Whoa.

Andi stated she could hook up Zac and Fatima with a criminal law firm if they explained to her the fact, but they turned her down and pressured that they were harmless. That is, right up until Andi mentioned that she’d requested for cameras to be installed in the garage, and Fatima shed her awesome. Concerned that his boo thang could incriminate herself, Zac then produced up a tale about Hayden and him fighting, even though Andi saw by means of his lies.

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A freakishly tranquil Fatima spelled out that she had known as the medical center, and Hayden wasn’t dead — just badly injured. She also gave them the facts of her battle with Hayden and reported she’d popped him in his nose and mouth with her bossgirl brass knuckles. This delighted Zac, who congratulated her until eventually Andi shut it down. Hayden had strike Fatima, but she mentioned she preferred him to so her boys could defeat him up, place him in a coma and strip him bare on the hood of his car.

Tyler Perry's Sistas, Zatima and AndiAll of these facts horrified a anxious Andi as she advised the pair, who declared their like for every single other and giggled, that anything Fatima arranged and admitted to was continue to quite significantly unlawful. This didn’t seem to faze the lovebirds, who happily ran up the stairs of their appreciate nest. Meanwhile, when Andi got back again to function, she located a car in her location and was heading to depart a terrible be aware when Gary popped up and asked her not to do that.

He begged her to hear him out, but Andi claimed he was a rude and horrible fiancé and she was glad they weren’t together any more. She chastised him for bringing his dreadful sex therapist all over her, and Gary apologized and explained the fancy new $500,000 Rolls Royce and the designer purchasing baggage within have been his way of building it up to her. It did not seem to be to function, and a teary-eyed Andi mentioned it was far too small as well late, but Gary refused to just take back again his pricey gifts.

Do you assume Andi should really forgive Gary or at minimum hold the items? Are you concerned about “Zatima” and their feasible legal fees? Drop your ideas in the responses. 

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