Trade Setup Tuesday – Tesla invests in Bitcoins, Walmart stocks, Microsoft office security

Tesla buys $1.5 billion in bitcoin. After that, bitcoin touches the all-time highest of $47,889.

Stock Market Tuesday

When the stock market opens on Monday everything is normal as other common days but suddenly market goes on the boom as Tesla starts buying Bitcoins. And you can see all clear impacts on the trade setup Tuesday list.

Bitcoin (BTC-USD):

Earlier trade day, bitcoin was trading on around $36,069. But later in few hours, Tesla starts investing in Bitcoin and it goes on top of the market and reaches on highest of all-time trading at $47,889.59.

Bitcoin is still assumed to go higher with trade setup Tuesday trading.

Tesla, Inc. (TSLA):

Tesla is already having a good 2021 year and reaching on daily new high record. A few days back when Elon Musk becomes the world’s Richest man the Tesla market goes on top.
Right after few weeks, Elon Musk promotes the Signal app and Bitcoin. After that, Signal and bitcoin prices go high and high.
But on the stock market, Monday (08-Feb-2020) Tesla buys $1.5 billion in bitcoin. After that, bitcoin touches the all-time highest of $47,889.

Walmart, Inc. (WMT):

It is a good time to invest in Walmart stocks. Walmart stocks were going down from past weeks but still not recovered from the depth graph.
As Walmart stocks gaining some momentum from past 3-4 days. And also Walmart heading towards growth as they already selected IFCO as a highlighted partner for providing reusable plastic containers for vegetables and fruits for the U.S. region.
On the last trading day, Walmart closes at $145.03 with a gain of +0.67.

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT):

Microsoft stock prices are on gaining. And it is expected to get some good share prices to hike on the trade setup Tuesday opening. Earlier trading day, Microsoft closes at $242.47 with a daily gain of +0.27.
There is so much good news about Microsoft in the market and expects a good hike in stock price.

SoftBank Vision Fund hires Microsoft’s venture fund chief, Nagraj Kashyap, as their managing partner.

Also, Microsoft added a new feature in Office 365 to notify enterprises when their employees are being targeted by nation-state threat actors, reports economic times.

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