This 3D-printed PS5 DualSense add-on allows for one-handed play

A information creator has created an accent for the PS5’s DualSense controller that will allow it to be played with one particular hand.

In a new video, YouTuber Akaki Kuumeri clarifies that he 3D-printed an adapter that can snap on to the gamepad’s remaining thumbstick. From there, it can be put on a surface, such as a thigh, and bodily transferring the controller will also transfer the thumbstick.

Meanwhile, the L1 and L2 buttons are replicated on the appropriate facet of the controller.  That mentioned, there’s an inverse selection for those who are still left-handed.

Even though numerous typical avid gamers may feel that actively playing with 1 hand is pointless, the controller delivers different accessibility apps. Individuals who are unable to bodily use a next hand well (or even at all) might come across a use for Kuumeri’s accent. Of program, it won’t solve each individual issue, in particular if you never have entry to a 3D printer, but as a fan generation, it’s really impressive.

But he also reveals how it could be beneficial if you have two DualSense controllers. As an example, he printed two adapters and use them to participate in It Normally takes Two — which normally needs two players — by himself. Of study course, that’s a little bit trickier to pull off, but a lot more ambidextrous gamers could certainly benefit.

Fortunately, Kuumeri has produced his structure offered on line to down load and print — you can do so listed here.

By means of: PCMag

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