The Equalizer 3 Already Has A Script, And Denzel Washington Is Returning To Star

If Fuqua returns to direct, “The Equalizer 3” will be the fifth film collaboration concerning the duo immediately after the prior two “Equalizer” films, “The Wonderful 7,” and the masterful “Coaching Working day,” which acquired Washington the Academy Award for Ideal Actor. What is actually also intriguing is that “The Equalizer” has considering that been rebooted as a collection starring Queen Latifah due to the fact the next movie installment. It’s very likely that the collection and movie trilogy will go on to exist independently of a single another, but the cross-more than possibilities are intriguing. Latifah and Washington co-starred in 1999’s “The Bone Collector,” so we now know for confident the two have terrific on-monitor chemistry. Giving them the prospect to equally enact vigilante justice seems like a recipe for success.

During a 2018 job interview just after the release of “The Equalizer 2,” Fuqua admitted he’d by now been contemplating about possibilities for a 3rd film. Primarily, he would like to take McCall overseas and have him convey some violent, vigilante intercontinental justice. I’ve got my fingers crossed for Italy. Do I have a rationale other than it being my family’s homeland and seeking Denzel Washington to shake things up? Nope! I just feel it would be neat, specially if he brings some of that borderline slasher film power from the next installment.

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