That Time A Doomsday Cult Somehow Released A Catchy Song

The cult in concern is “The Family members Global,” and, we kid you not, their matter is that the antichrist controls the people of the entire world as a result of … barcodes. The video clip very casually shows a woman receiving implanted with a “666” microchip at the grocery store, so it confident as hell appeared foolish through the ’80s, ’90s, and even the ’00s, but guaranteed as hell did end up predicting most of Facebook’s conspiracy theories. On best of all that, and for the reason that theories are never ever ample, we do appreciate the achievable anti-Nazi allegory and the use of an alternative to the clear “The Devil is executing it via rock tunes.” We sadly also have to confess the music form of slaps.

The only honest criticism you can aim at the song’s artistic value alone is how it may be, who knows, a sped-up ripoff of the likewise titled “Jackie Never Go” by Survivor:

Then yet again, it might be the cult having over our minds, but holy microchips, the Family’s variation just sounds so a great deal better. 

We have no concept why The Loved ones Intercontinental finished up not conquering the globe as a result of their superior ripoffs songs, but we’re just heading to register in our headcanon that their programs to release an album have been ruined by the regulation-mandated use of barcodes for business reasons. Also, the quite a few accusations of sexual and bodily baby abuse too. That most likely failed to assistance.

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Best Impression: The Loved ones Worldwide

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