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  • How Mortgage Underwriter decides you are eligible for loan?

    WHAT IS MORTGAGE UNDERWRITING? You have finally stopped house searching and made the perfect choice for yourself. The hard part is finding out that it’s not that straightforward. It’s time to begin the mortgage process. It may not look effortless but understanding your mortgage process is the first step in making your home choice finally […]

  • What is Second Mortgage for lower interest rate

    SECOND MORTGAGE A second mortgage is a loan that allows you to borrow against the cost of your property. Your property is an asset that gains value over time and so, second mortgages, which can be home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) or home equity loans help to use that asset for other accomplishments without […]

  • What is Short Sale (Real Estate)

    Short Sale Definition You have been contemplating getting into stock trading, and you came across the term ‘Short Sale.’ This article will be showing you the basics of Short sales and what there is to know about this strategy. A short sale is the exchange of investment or stock that the seller does not control. […]

  • Real Estate financing Strategies in 2019

    Real estate financing Real estate can be defined as the property which is embraced of both the land and the building and any other natural resources on the land which can contain animals also known as the faunas and the plants also known as the floras, deposits of minerals, water and livestock including the crop […]

  • Owner Financing – Home for Sale, Terms, Pros & Cons

    Owner Financing We all sometimes need that extra push in our finances that doesn’t come from our salaries. Owner financing will provide just that. Owner financing in clear terms is basically a loan giver to the buyer of a property or business by the Owner. It is also known as owner financing when used in […]

  • Financing car – car loan, interest rate, steps to finance

    Financing car In car financing, you get the car you want from the buyer with aim of paying back with interest. The thing you just need to do is select the car you would want to finance from the car dealer’s shop or garage. Learn everything in detail about car loan and interest rate on […]

  • E-finance

    E-finance E-finance just like banking, insurance and mortgage lending has been reported to grow at an astounding speed in the future. E-finance is a reproduction of the remarkable growing of the internet. In some years like five years, the World Wide Web grew to the level of ubiquitous from the level of rough recognition and […]

  • Volkswagen finance

    Volkswagen finance Financing a Volkswagen is not usually stressful as it seems. There are many Volkswagen vehicle dealers. Since Volkswagen actually has a lot of different products of vehicles which are mostly cars. Volkswagen finance car takes caution even though the buyer can be so joyful about owning a car. The finance rate on Volkswagen […]

  • Principal financial

    Principal financial Principal financial means different things to different people and different field but under the field of finance, principal means the money which was borrowed from a lender and put into investment or used in financing the corporation. READ: Consumer finance protection bureau – CFPB It is usually referring to as the bond face […]