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  • What is Short Sale (Real Estate)

    Short Sale Definition You have been contemplating getting into stock trading, and you came across the term ‘Short Sale.’ This article will be showing you the basics of Short sales and what there is to know about this strategy. A short sale is the exchange of investment or stock that the seller does not control. […]

  • Calculate Home Loan eligibility on your salary

    Calculate Home Loan eligibility on your salary All banks have a different loan eligibility check criteria on which they offer different kind of loans to their customers. When it comes to take home loan from a bank in India and also in some other foreign countries, most of the banks calculate is with the candidates […]

  • Avoid investment in Debt Funds when Interest rates are going up

    Why avoid investment in debt funds where interest rates are going up In the world of investment, one thing we do not want to happen is to have a fall in the value of the return made from an investment. It does not bring much excitement if an individual who invested a particular amount of […]

  • Why Mutual Fund Investment is different from other asset classes

    Mutual Fund Investments Weather you are a small investor or a big one, one thing that is very important is that you aim at making profit. Mutual funds just like any other investment has its own problem as well as advantages associated with it. Over the world, there have been some misconceptions about what the […]

  • Impacts of currency demonetization to investments after 2 years

    Demonetization impact on Investments Some years ago, there was demonetization of the Indian currency which led to an imbalance in the economy of the country causing a reduction in the value of the country’s currency. The change in the currency of India in the year 2016 caused a lot of problem for the people. Investments […]

  • 5 risks in Foreign Exchange deals

    Risks when dealing in Foreign Exchange The foreign exchange market, also known as Forex, is a worldwide and well-known decentralized market which basically trades different currencies. It involves the buying, selling and of course exchange of currencies at a particular price. This sector, which is one of the largest markets in the world, determines the […]

  • Diversification to cover risk of fluctuating economy

    Portfolio diversification to cover risk In the business world, there is high possibility that when you invest, you can either gain or lose. But whatever the case or the position you find yourself, you should find a way to do better when you are investing next time. All investors want to gain on a large […]

  • Equity Mutual Funds investments – Indians investing ₹1.5 lakhs crore per annum

    Equity Mutual Funds investments The equity mutual funds is one of the bestway to make gains from any investment you want to with any kind of investment possible. When you are interested in investment as an Indian one thing that must come to your mind is to know the required amount of gain you want […]

  • Not invest more than 30% in Risk like Bonds & Liquid funds

    Investment strategies for Bond Funds & Liquid funds Don’t invest more than 30% in low risk products like bond funds and liquid funds, why? A bond fund is a type of fund that invests in bonds or other debt securities typically paying periodic dividends that includes interest payments. It is mostly contrasted with stock funds […]

  • 2% Indians invests in stock market when having well regulated and tax friendly market – 5 reasons

    2% Indians invest in Stock market With Indian stock market currently over 100 years old, few number of Indians are investing in stocks. Worries have been expressed over the “near bottom scale” of Indian investors in the country’s stock market when compared with its counterpart like China and United States. China boasts of about 10 […]