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  • Lease Financing Explained – Types, Features, Pros & Cons

    What is Lease Financing? Lease financing is the source of payment that comes when the owner of assets (lessor) is ready to provide their assets to another person in exchange for that lessee provides some agreed payment. In this way, the lessor leases the assets for a period of time on rent and the lessor […]

  • ETF – Exchange Traded Fund & Best time to invest

    ETF – Exchange Traded Funds An ETF known as the Exchange-traded fund is a marketable security that tracks the a commodity, a bond, stock index or baskets of assets. The ETF is a form of finding in which investors be it large or small can invest although this fund has its disadvantages, it is an […]

  • Why to start your investment plan in early days?

    Start your investment plan for retirement savings As a worker, you work all day with little or no time for yourself and family, you should think of a way to get this reduced. Working is important, as well as your family, friends and relations. Those people need you as much as you need your work […]

  • DNS, DHCP AND IPAM 2018 market growth

    DNS, DHCP AND IPAM growth In a business world, there are ways through which data can be accessed. The DNS, DHCP and IPAM (IP address management) have their different roles to play so as to attain the highest speculated point in the business world. The three above listed things;  that is the DNS, DHCP and […]

  • HDFC equity funds – Is still profitable investment

    HDFC Equity Funds When an investor invests about Rs 10,000, there must have been an increase to about Rs 26,031 over about three to five years of investment but now it is very hard for such an investment to have much increased over the years. Investors that have invested in HDFC Equity Funds over the […]

  • RBI benchmark interest rate and Inflation forecast 2018

    RBI benchmarks rates Well, for very country there is a central body which works on the financial stability and capability of the country. This central body is given the right to make a stand for the country as a whole and prescribe the best alternative for the country rather than taking up some activities that […]

  • E-Commerce Tax rules & considerations [2019]

    E-Commerce tax considerations All business owners fear one thing, be it a small or large business, they all fear being taxed. This is so because taxation might be very frustrating at times, it is a charge you have to pay compulsorily even though you have a small business. Having a business where you have a […]

  • Folding Coin – Ethereum cryptocurrency trading with Market Capitalization

    Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization Cryptocurrencies are one of the largest recognized mode of transaction in the world right now. It must said to have a very high potential of substituting the normal currency in the world in some years time. Cryptocurrency apartment from being a form of transaction, it has have lot of application in lots […]

  • Fair Issac Corporation: Stocks to buy in 2019

    Fair Issac Corporation The fair Isaac corporation popularly known as FICO is one of the highly sorted after in the digital industry. The FICO behind as a two man business when it first started and now it is one of the largest business offering people why he does. This company aims at meeting the needs […]