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Over 100M+ T-Mobile Users Got Affected by Alleged Data Breach; Hackers demand 6 Bitcoins

There was an offer of 6 bitcoins in exchange for this USA users' data.

T-Mobile data breach

The mobile service provider, T-Mobile, is investigating the massive hack that may have exposed customer’s private data. The figure, 100 million, of reportedly affected users in a data breach is remarkable as it’s almost equal to T-Mobile’s whole customer base. 

On Aug 15, 2021, a message was detected on an underground forum’s anonymous author claiming to have access to the personal data, including names, addresses, phone numbers, driver’s license info, social security numbers, IMEI numbers, of 100 million users. There was no mention of T-Mobile, but its customers were the center point of the alleged hack, apparent by the news site Motherboard. 

T-Mobile data hackers demand 6 bitcoins

The anonymous has also tried to sell off a portion of the user data, about one-third of the T-Mobile users’ data. There was an offer of 6 bitcoins in exchange for this USA users’ data. The seller has said that the access to T-Mobile’s servers has been cut off and they can no longer have access. However, it is yet to confirm whether the anonymous seller has accurate information on T-Mobile customers. 

T-Mobile has not yet responded to the comment and said to Marshall that they are “actively investigating their validity.” There is the probability that the anonymous seller may be distorting the scope of the breach. The data the seller is offering may be previously leaked data. The service provider is not going to comment on anything without a clearer sense of the risks.

They said it is not the best idea for a large company to be transparent in such situations. Instead, it might be good to investigate appropriately for questionable activities until there is more evidence. 

About 200,000 customers are waiting, and if the T-mobile data breach turns out to be true, it will seek years to restore its reputation. Before this data breach, the company has been the target of several breaches, the latest one was in Dec 2020.

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