‘RHOC’ recap: Noella Bergener calls Heather Dubrow a ‘complete narcissist’

She’s coming for “Fancy Trousers.”

Wednesday night’s episode of “The Genuine Housewives of Orange County” observed series newbie Noella Bergener get a dig at frenemy Heather Dubrow, who she finds a bit self-absorbed. 

Bergener, 36, fulfilled Dubrow, 53, at her Newport Beach mansion to talk about troubles in their burgeoning friendship. 

The two built their way to Dubrow’s podcast studio, which has partitions protected in images of the actress — a decorative choice that made Bergener cringe. 

“I had my suspicions before but this is really concrete evidence. This is a shrine to a total and definitely, seriously very good narcissist,” she claimed in a confessional. “This is thorough. If I was not so creeped out, I’d be impressed.”

When they sat down to chat, Dubrow confronted Bergener about claims that she labeled the former soap star a “phony” and “fake bitch” all through an psychological lunch with “friend of the Housewives” Nicole James. 

Heather Dubrow
Bergener felt Dubrow was self-absorbed for masking the walls of her podcast studio with pictures of herself.
NBC Universal

“I realized heading into that lunch I was quite raw, I was extremely psychological,” mentioned Bergener, explaining that she was reeling from husband James Bergener’s shock divorce submitting at the time she insulted Dubrow behind her again. 

“The man or woman I’m seriously angry with obviously is James, but your name received introduced up and it was basically like, ‘F—k phony bulls—t.’ I lashed out,” Noella elaborated, later agreeing with Dubrow that she experienced expressed “misplaced aggression.” 

“I was like, ‘She’s heading by a good deal. I’m going to let that one go,’” Dubrow explained to Noella. 

But there was a person extra level of contention to go earlier: Gina Kirschenheiter’s allegation that Noella explained Dubrow was “not to be trustworthy.”

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“Remember how I claimed Nicole has informed me a great deal of factors about her life? I was the a single who referred to as her right after she left your house social gathering,” Noella claimed.

Noella Bergener
Bergener termed Dubrow a “fake bitch” on an previously episode of “RHOC.”
NBC Common

Of training course, she was referencing the spectacular Nobu-catered collecting at the Dubrow residence. The fête was set ablaze by allegations pertaining to James’ previous lawsuit towards Dubrow’s plastic surgeon husband, Dr. Terry Dubrow, for a “botched boob job” several years in the past. 

“And then right after she spoke with you, every thing had transformed. And that was a minimal bizarre to me,” Noella ongoing, afterwards alleging in a confessional that her excellent pal James “changed” immediately after a mobile phone call with Heather. (As viewers will remember, the Dubrows promptly forgave a tearful James on internet site.)

“Heather telling her to drop any discussion of the lawsuit, that is a minimal disturbing,” Noella instructed the digicam, implying that James experienced been compelled into silence on the issue. 

Rigidity continued to increase as Noella and Heather’s assembly progressed. At one level, Noella accused Heather of “slamming people against walls” at the aforementioned evening meal celebration, a declare that Heather strongly denied. 

“What I’m having appropriate now is psycho vibes,” Heather lamented in a confessional. “What are you f—king talking about? Am I remaining punk’d?”

Noella Bergener and Heather Dubrow
The co-stars ended their tense conference with a mutual comprehension that they should really no for a longer period go after a friendship.
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The women of all ages concluded their discussion with a mutual comprehension that they are better off not being buddies. 

“You have a lot going on in your life correct now and I really don’t acquire it personally. Obtaining said that however, I’m not absolutely sure I’m the proper close friend for you,” Heather told Noella. “You want to concentration on your relatives and you require to take treatment of you.”

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Noella claimed that a “deep” friendship with Heather isn’t needed: “I’m quite happy retaining social friendships.”

“The Authentic Housewives of Orange County” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.

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