Reese Witherspoon Freaking Loves Crypto And People Have Thoughts

Again in September, Reese Witherspoon dipped her toes into the cryptocurrency waters by paying for her initial etherium coin and permitting Twitter know that she was now coming into the theoretically beneficial earth of non-fungible tokens, superior recognized as NFTs. Given that then, Witherspoon’s crypto-evangelicizing was contained to an occasional retweet here and there. Very little too mad, and basically just your run-of-the-mill social media endorsement.

And then December happened.

In the lead-up to the vacations, Witherspoon started off tweeting way much more greatly about crypto. Not very Elon Musk-concentrations, but the Legally Blonde star was surely generating a concerted push for these sweet imaginary cash.

“Crypto is listed here to continue to be,” Witherspoon tweeted at the start of the month. “I’m committed to supporting creators who have pioneered the NFT house, and encouraging far more ladies to be a element of the dialogue.”

And simply because this is Reese Witherspoon we’re talking about, normally, she managed to rope in one more celeb: Tv powerhouse Shonda Rhimes.

We’re likely to be flawlessly straightforward. We have no freaking clue what this next even signifies. Your guess is as very good as ours.

Witherspoon then switched issues up by encouraging all you mothers out there to ask your kids about NFTs, which are seemingly just like the video clip online games they can’t halt enjoying, or a little something.

However, Reese Witherspoon’s adore of crypto took a convert in the new yr. On January 11, she went a tiny way too challenging on the long term of crypto life, and the online was not feeling it. “In the (in close proximity to) long term, every particular person will have a parallel digital identification,” Reese tweeted. “Avatars, crypto wallets, electronic items will be the norm. Are you organizing for this?”

Though Witherspoon may be thrilled about this courageous new digital globe, the rest of Twitter was not on board and certainly allow The Early morning Present star know about it. Even Velveeta cheese was like, “Lady, what are you undertaking?”

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After Matt Damon obtained raked in excess of the coals for his current bitcoin industrial, that now makes two higher-profile famous people who have witnessed their crypto endorsements get roasted online. Let that be a lesson to the rest of Hollywood. Or, you know… not.

(By using Reese Witherspoon on Twitter)

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