Real life winner is how Sithlord Chamba describes himself to the world

Miami’s very own Sithlord Chamba releases his melodic, heartfelt new single “Real Life Winner,” on all streaming platforms. Taking the trap sound to a new level, Sithlord Chamba reflects on a low time in his life and tells the story of how he survived it. The rapper shares, “I had to figure it out, I couldn’t just suffer depression. Growing up in Miami, the way I grew up, my mind is my deadliest weapon. It was just me & my weapon.”

It didn’t take long for the song to go viral when it was released. As an accomplished artist, Sithlord Chamba’s latest single skyrocketed as a result. One who is willing to put his thoughts on display for his followers to make sense of. To see him speak is like sitting in a theater and watching a movie. Aside from the narrative being Sithlord Chamba’s mental landscape. The same may be said for his music.

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