Quotes From 15 Nu-Metal Musicians On How They Felt About Being Called ‘Nu-Metal’

Admirers and tunes critics alike have arrive up with so quite a few unique labels for unique styles of audio about the final century that they are seemingly unattainable to preserve up with. Even in just the heavier songs group, there are so several distinctive subcategories of rock and metallic.

Rock ‘n’ roll and the blues sooner or later branched out in so many diverse instructions, particularly starting up with “hefty metallic” in the 1970s. Then there was punk, glam, the New Wave of British Weighty Steel, thrash, hair metallic, grunge in the 1990s and, of training course, nu metal toward the conclusion of the decade… and those are just some of the several subgenres that have been made.

Artists will not commonly like getting lumped into teams with other bands simply because everyone needs to think that they are so exceptionally exceptional that there could be no this sort of way of doing so. This just isn’t to say that a lot of bands aren’t one of a kind, but for distinct reasons, no matter if it can be owing to their model, geographical origin or the time period of time that they arrived up in, these labels exist. Sorry.

Alas, we’ve appear again to nu metallic. There are a couple of various factors that can guide to a band staying slapped with the nu-metal categorization. For starters, it is really a variety of substitute new music that is major, but is generally laced with other genres like hip-hop and rap, industrial, funk and even grunge [via MasterClass]. Saggy outfits, tracksuits, baseball caps, dreadlocks and spiked hair, frosted guidelines, goatees and facial piercings are amid the standard perception of style associated with nu metallic.

So, several bands that came up in the mid-to-late 1990s adopted some of these tendencies, and therefore, ended up lumped into the nu-steel group. And a whole lot of them hated it. We are not totally guaranteed why, as they all look to be very very pleased of the tunes they’ve created and their legacies, but scroll under to see how sure nu-metal icons felt about becoming identified as nu steel.

However, we continue to never know how Fred Durst feels about it.

How 15 Nu-Metallic Musicians Felt About Getting Called ‘Nu Metal’

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