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Partnership of Texas’ TOCC and Vertosa In News Today

Their Nanoemulsion technology and solutions will enhance our patients' experience in Texas.

Texas Original Compassionate Cultivation (TOCC), a leading name in medical cannabis in Texas, is ready to use Vertosa’s nanoemulsion technology after reporting a partnership with it. Vertosa is an industry-leading and science-first cannabis enterprise that produces the most efficacious active ingredients for infused products. TOCC’s is going to be the only company in Texas to feature Vertosa’s emulsion solutions and technology.

The Product After Partnership

TOCC’s new gummies products are set to be Vertosa’s first physician-approved product and will be available to TOCC patients from Sept. 1, 2021, to ease symptoms of chronic pain, muscle contractions, neuropathic pain, lack of appetite, dullness, anxiety, or sleep issues, etc. Vertosa’s nanoemulsion technology will enhance the patient experience through dosage consistency. These gummies will increase the bioavailability with Vertosa’s water-dispersible solutions, ultimately an added benefit of medical cannabis for several conditions.

What Morris Denton – CEO of TOCC Says

CEO of TOCC said that as the medical cannabis leading provider in Texas, it is necessary to access techniques to build and develop products for patients as the requirements of our patients is the priority with the emphasis on quality and consistency in available products. Vertosa’s quick, steady and reliable solutions are considered the best in the industry. Their nanoemulsion technology and solutions will enhance our patients’ experience in Texas.

Benjamin Larson, CEO of Vertosa Says

CEO of Vertosa said that it is exciting to partner with  TOCC – the leader in medical cannabis to provide the unique benefits of emulsion systems, such as bioavailability and homogeneity.  He added that their emulsion technology enables the companies to customize their products with the intention of offering more prominent control in dosing and quicker start upon performance with the highest quality ingredients.

Vertosa’s science-based, high-quality emulsions are highly potent to deliver active cannabis ingredients to patients. It is the companion of brands across the nation to fuse its emulsions into their products like cannabis-infused drinks, gummies, and other forms.

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