One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Ending Explained: Breaking Out Of The System

Miloš Forman’s 1975 movie “Just one Flew More than the Cuckoo’s Nest” is a harrowing tale of rise up vs. conformity, maturity vs. immaturity, and the true character of how we evaluate and take care of psychological sickness. It can be about the broken penal method, private pain, trauma, authority, and freedom. It was viewed as a comedy on its launch: Vincent Canby of the New York Occasions termed it a comedy that can’t guidance its tragic ending, and Roger Ebert, when he initially reviewed the movie, felt that the film’s overall tone was also mild to tackle some of its bigger themes. Ebert eventually reassessed the film, such as it on his Wonderful Movies record. 

Ebert’s improve may also reflect the standard public’s switching check out of the movie. Even though it was promptly recognized by several as a excellent operate of artwork — it was an Oscars darling — quite a few have arrive to see “A person Flew Around the Cuckoo’s Nest” fewer of a subversive comedy about playful revolt and a lot more a contemplation of regulate and chaos as it plays by itself out in the woefully underfunded mental well being amenities in the United States. 

The ending of “Just one Flew About the Cuckoo’s Nest” is unambiguously tragic, however. 

McMurphy’s Folly

“One particular Flew About the Cuckoo’s Nest,” based mostly on the 1962 Ken Kesey novel, and is a single of only three movies to earn the “massive 5” Academy Awards That is: Greatest Image, Very best Director, Ideal Guide Actor, Best Direct Actress, and Most effective Screenplay (and, for the trivia buffs, the other two are 1934’s “It Transpired One Evening” and 1991’s “The Silence of the Lambs”).

The film is about R.P. McMurphy (Jack Nicholson) who is sentenced to tough labor in an Oregon prison (we will learn afterwards that his criminal offense concerned the phrase “She looked 18.”). In what he thinks is a clever shift to steer clear of stated difficult labor, McMurphy argues rather that he is mentally sick and is transferred to a psychological clinic in which he will keep with other reside-in patients, performed by the likes of Christopher Lloyd, Danny DeVito, Michael Berryman, and Oscar-nominee Brad Dourif. He assumes the healthcare facility will be cushy and posh, but instead finds it forbidding, harsh, and overseen by the stern nurse Mildred Ratched (Louise Fletcher) who is instantly distrustful of McMurphy’s overt sense of masculine chaos. 

McMurphy is quickly suspicious of the hospital’s therapy techniques. He won’t like the gentle tunes, the touchy-feely language. He sees individuals that are shy and fearful, and he feels that they only need to have to go on fishing visits, enjoy pranks, and talk to women of all ages in get to “arrive out of their shells.” And, no, “Cuckoo’s Nest” is not enormously correct when it will come to psychology. 

The conflict concerning McMurphy and Ratched is mutually harmful. She tries to pressure McMurphy into line by imposing plan and buy into his everyday living — some thing that the other sufferers in the healthcare facility arguably have to have — and he pushes back again by introducing more disorder and playful chaos, forcing people to depart the medical center on a fishing vacation, to engage in basketball, to loosen up, to take the energy and joy in life — something else that some of the patients arguably call for … with at the very least one particular noteworthy exception. 

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It could be argued that either McMurphy or Nurse Ratched are the villain of the piece. 

McMurphy’s Rebellion

But we do not see the folly when we glimpse at McMurphy. At the very least not proper absent. We see, alternatively, his rebellion. “Cuckoo’s Nest” has extensive stood as a parable for rebel and our want to break out of severe programs. And “Cuckoo’s Nest” expertly employs archetypal pictures of oppression to complete it. Nurse Ratched appears to be like like a schoolmarm, a imply mother or father, a military drill teacher. The clinic is replete with mesh screens, locked home windows, harsh lights, ideal angles. It seems to be like a mixture prison and general public university. The really iconography invitations emotions of rebel in the viewers, and McMurphy — the playful, rule-breaking imp — is promptly our stand-in.

The adolescent riot in McMurphy appeals to the adolescent in all of us. He encourages the inmates to reject the establishment and to indulge in sports activities, events, and sex. McMurphy is attacking the electric power of feminine authority/actions with common male “acting out.” Ken Kesey wrote his novel in the early 1960s as a immediate assault on the authoritarian behavior of set up professional medical institutions and, by extension, the authoritarian behaviors of the planet at huge. By the mid-1970s, director Forman — a college student of the Czech New Wave, and I advocate his 1968 film “The Fireman’s Ball” — brought a mellower assault, approaching the e book with excellent humor and a perception of fun. And there is a great deal of fun in “One particular Flew About the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

Until there isn’t.

McMurphy’s Fall

McMurphy’s steps, having said that, really don’t equal freedom. Nurse Ratched may perhaps symbolize authority, but she also signifies retaining essential purchase for a group of mentally sick clients who need balance. McMurphy’s acting out sooner or later leads to what is essentially an all-night time orgy, a social gathering that triggers a trauma reaction in Billy Bibbits (Dourif), one particular of the people. Billy dies by suicide. 

McMurphy is damaged down. He is offered shock treatment. He is stored in line. But his insurrection that audiences so cheer is also a detrimental drive. He herds his fellow medical center inmates to go on a boat journey, and we get the feeling that they never all rightfully know what is happening. He asks if he can observe the Earth Series on Television, but Nurse Ratched insists on a vote. Do the inmates fully understand on what they are voting? Ratched is a difficult authority determine and is usually gained as a cinema supervillain (to the point exactly where she acquired her own villain origin tale Television collection), but — and this might be a result of my highly developed age — the a lot more I see the film, the much more she appears as a sympathetic determine who is only seeking to rein in an agent of chaos who threatens to — and in the long run does — do destruction to the individuals. 

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Ratched punishes McMurphy. She provides him shock treatment method. By the end of the “Cuckoo’s Nest,” we have found Ratched rejecting her administrator’s suggestion that McMurphy be returned to jail, and we have noticed him lobotomized. 

Will Sampson

The emotional catharsis comes in the form of “Main,” performed by the fantastic Will Sampson. Chief has suffered some preceding trauma, and now prefers to stay non-verbal and withdrawn. He will not even move a full lot. McMurphy in the beginning feels that a male of his dimensions — Will Sampson was 6’7″ — need to be capable to break out of the hospital with ease, and even suggests a way 1 might do so by ripping a hydrotherapy fountain out of the medical center floor and throwing it by way of a window. When McMurphy tries, he fails. 

McMurphy’s constant attempts to carry the patients “out of their shells” does, at the very least, arrive at 1 guy. Main finishes up talking to, and trusting, McMurphy, grateful for the change that has been brought into the healthcare facility. At the film’s stop, Chief finds McMurphy in mattress in the center of the night, and he tries to discuss. Main finds that McMurphy has been lobotomized. Chief smothers him with a pillow, and then last but not least rips that hydrotherapy fountain out of the floor and throws it through the window. This time, McMurphy’s suggestion labored. The other people, when the listen to the crash, get out of mattress, and cheer him on and Chief leaves the clinic. 

McMurphy’s insurrection did destruction, but also aided at the very least 1 male in breaking out of the program — really pretty much. 

No matter if you take “Cuckoo’s Nest” to be a poem about insurrection or liberation, or a darkish tale of how rise up is finally a self-defeating system — no punk rockers dwell a lengthy time — may rely on your age when you encounter it. I motivate prolonged term re-visitation of “Cuckoo’s Nest,” as you will find it adjustments as you do. No issue what you take absent, you’ll consider absent a thing, which is a mark of a excellent film. 

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