NASDAQ’s Bitcoin will launch officially in 2019

Nasdaq bitcoin launch 2019

Cryptocurrency is one of the most used trading material in today’s online business. This unique idea has brought about a really great change in the mindset of people and it has open the eyes of people to the possible problem this can help us to save as a person. There have been series of bitcoin available online and also there are new bitcoin developing to make the cryptocurrency a perfect and better way of transacting.

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The word bitcoin is nothing but a surprise to humanity. It is vividly known that there have been a whole lot of things about bitcoin and other available cryptocurrencies online and also in different parts of the world. Now, the second largest stock exchange providers in the world, Nasdaq, are reported to want to start their own bitcoin and this will be a revolutionary change for the world at large. The company has been on the run of starting their own bitcoin with excellent features for years but there has been no possible hit of the company to meet the requirements of its people over the time.

The company as reportedly said to plan on launching their new cryptocurrency in the mid period of year 2018 but this did not surface and there have been a lot of contemplation about the launching of this button but it is very well assuring that there will surely be a turnout and improvement in the world of cryptocurrency in the early period of 2019. Based on an interview with Cristian, it was said that there was a stoppage in the introduction of the new bitcoin based on the fact that the company plans on introducing a bitcoin that will be highly competitive and better in all ways as compared to existing ones with its future in the business.

nasdaq bitcoin launch 2019

The bitcoin however as its stands is awaiting approval from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in the United States so that they will be able to launch this bitcoin and will be able to serve the world with some of their awesome and unique features. The Nasdaq has been working itself out just for one thing, to be able to deliver the best service to their customers and to be able to propel and ignite their love and interest more in the capabilities of bitcoin.

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This awesome future is believed to be the very first set of digital and virtual assets that will be jointly launched by the company with a firm which it came into partnership with, VanEck investment firm. As much as Nasdaq is trying all its possible best to see that this bitcoin meets the needs of its customers and serve them better than the traditional cryptocurrencies, this investment company has also in one way take a great step in making sure that the future of the bitcoin from Nasdaq becomes a reality.

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