Multiple riders injured on El Toro coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure

Riders injured on El Toro coaster

It has been reported that multiple people are injured at the El Toro ride at Six Flags Great Adventure. Local police has advised that at least 5 people are injured. Many people who had taken the ride complained of sever back pain. The 5 injured people were taken to hospital post injury for treatment. The Police department from Jackson has advised that injury sustained are minor. A woman who had taken the ride advised that it felt that the ride hit the pothole after the third drop. Some riders also advised that some rider bit their tongues. Some felt that they had clipped a tooth from one side.

The ride was then closed for the rest of the evening. El toro is the one of the famous, fastest wooden roller coaster across the world. It reaches the speed of 70 miles per hour and drop to 176 feet per drop. So with this speed and this drop if any malfunction in the ride happens, then it processes great danger to the passengers as well as the rest of the people present in the park.
This is the not the first time that El Toro had an issue. It opened to public in June 2006. It had a malfunction with the motor of the lift in the first week of August 2013. Post that it was closed and motor was sent to the American headquarters to get fixed. It then re-opened after some time on 30th August. 8 years after this, the train again had an issue and got derailed in June 2021. The reason for same was not made know to the public.

There were no injuries or casualties in this accident. All riders were evacuated safely. Post this El Toro was closed for a long duration. Investigation was carried out from the headquarters and park was fined $5000 for the failure to report the incident immediately to the concerned authorities. Post this incident it was closed for long duration and was re-opened on April, 2022.
Such kind of accidents can be very tragic and we hope that concerned authorities take the necessary precautions/actions to avoid any further accidents.

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