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MLS vs Liga MX All-stars Game in Los Angeles; Best Moments

Fans are missing big names in the MLS team due to their injuries (Vela and Chicharito).

Liga MX and Major League Soccer

The ongoing all-Star game between Liga MX and Major League Soccer is an event that fans were dying to see, and it’s finally happening. It is something that happened for the first time in the sport. This fiery US-Mexico rivalry fuels the sports world as the best players face each other on the battlefield for pride and bragging rights. Both of these nations look at each other longingly with complexity, but they can complete each other. For many fans, the heated rivalry is the only stake in this game. 

However, fans are missing big names in the MLS team due to their injuries (Vela and Chicharito). Still, available players have enough firepower to heat the field. 

In March, the FIFA president proposed MLS and Liga MX games to create a super league that would firmly establish the most fantastic soccer competition globally. It instantly makes a different league rival in terms of relevance and fame. Both leagues bring the value that the opposition requires. But, as always, the demon is in the force. 

Wednesday’s Spectacle:

The starting XIs were declared hardly before game time. 

In the pregame, Chicharito expressed his opinions on the increasing battle between the leagues.

Liga MX strikes the board first with a goal from Rodriguez. 

Early in the second half, the MLS team got an equalizer on board from Murillo, and he danced in the whole mood after scoring.  

MLS triumphs in the first edition against Liga MX via penalties after a 1-1 draw in the 90 minutes.

Football of another kind was seen on Wednesday.

The U.S.-Mexico alliance would have two-way interests. Liga MX is acute to win a further hold in the U.S. market, and MLS is hitting the TV ratings of the Mexican sports that equate to 474,000 for regular-season matchups in the U.S. solely.

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