‘Mike’ star Russell Hornsby defends Hulu biopic from Tyson criticism

Russell Hornsby defends Hulu biopic

A biopic based on the life of “Mike Tyson“ has been released on Hulu on August 25. It is titled as “Mike”. There has been controversy surrounding it even before the series has launched. Mike Tyson had taken to social media earlier in the month and had updated the people about the release of this biopic. He very particularly said that the streaming network Hulu had stolen his life story and is making a biopic on his life without his consent and without giving him any monetary benefit. This was the second time that he commented on this biopic.

He also commented on the first time when the project got announced last year during the Black History month. He accused them of greed and trying to sell his life story and make money from it as corporate culture.

Russell Hornsby is the playing the role of Mike Tyson boxing promoter, Don King. He had defended the series and has advised that their purpose is to honour of the boxing legend and wanted to show some truths in his life. He advised that production is neither aiming to glorify Tyson nor they are wanting to degrade or demonize Tyson.

However he sympathised with Mike and his ill feeling towards the Hulu streaming of his life story. He sympathised that the legendary boxer had gone through a lot in his life especially at the beginning in the 1980’s. Hornsby played the similar role in the 2018 Creed 2. Since the series is now streaming on the Hulu platform, media has again began discussing the good and bad of Mike Tyson. It is to be noted that Mike Tyson was not only the undisputed heavyweight champion in the boxing world, but he was also a rapist and he was a convicted and had served jail time.

Hulu was written and directed by Steven Rogers and Craig Gillespie. They had worked together for “I Tonya”, film released in 2017 which won lot of awards and critical acclaim. Hence lot was expected in their new work “Mike “. However it seems that it is not up to standards as many people have said that it looked like borrowed version of documentaries released in the past.

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