Microsoft combat goggles approved for delivery in the US Army

US army has spent almost $21.9 billion on these combat googles developed by Microsoft for over a decade.

Microsoft combat goggles

Microsoft Corporation has developed high tech combat googles for the US Army. Initial testing has been done on the same and the results have been very positive. US Army is planning to take the delivery of the first batch from the Microsoft.

Douglas Bush, Assistant Secretary of Acquisition has approved the delivery of initial batch of 5000 googles. It has to highlighted that the delivery was put on hold earlier over the concern of device performance. They wanted more and rigorous testing to be done on the same. US army has spent almost $21.9 billion on these combat googles developed by Microsoft for over a decade. This goggle is a customized version of Microsoft’s HoloLens Goggles.

It would let the commander’s project information into a visor in front of the soldiers face. It would also support night vision. Douglas Bush had approved the delivery last month. It shows that the Army has faith in Microsoft product as the final test report is still awaited and is expected only by next month end. This test report will be drafted by Pentagon’s director of Operational Test and evaluation. Bush said the initial test done was good and had very promising results and he remains confident the programme will succeed.

Microsoft Combat Goggles order from US Army

The initial order was placed by the Army on March 2021. They had placed order of 5000 googles which is valued at $373 million. It is said that it was the first of many orders that are going to get placed for this product. Projection of the estimated order was 121000 for over a decade. But this was put on hold last year as the service delayed deployment of the device with the aim to further enhance the performance.

Congress will take their decision post receipt of the test report to approve the total $424.2 million budget proposed by the Army to spend on the program in the first fiscal year which is starting on October. It has to be noted that there was some protest by Microsoft employees when Microsoft brokered the deal with the US army. They had the concern that the technology that they are developing would be ultimately used to kill people.

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