Marcus Stroman is feeling the love from Blue Jays fans in return to Toronto

Marcus Stroman is feeling the love

We have some news coming for you from baseball area. Marcus Stroman has returned to Toronto. He was traded by Blue Jays in 2019. He is returning to Toronto for the first time since that and is pretty sentimental regarding that. He is at the Rogers Centre and will be pitching for Chicago Clubs in Toronto tomorrow night i.e August 31, 2022.

Stroman has posted on Twitter that Toronto will be holding a special place in his heart forever. He said he is thankful for the love bestowed on him by fans. He said that its culture, people and city are its speciality and is not second to any other state.

He was traded in 2019 to New Yorks Mets. 3 year deal was signed for $71 million deal in December. He had a stellar 3-6 records this season and had a 4.10 ERA with 84 strike outs and 1.22 WHIP. After arriving at the stadium, Stroman took notice of a young baseball fan, Ethan who was a native from England. He was holding a poster which read that he loves baseball because of Marcus Stroman. Stroman met both Ethan and his mom and he signed autographs and also took a picture with Ethan. It was the moment which Ethan is going to cherish for the rest of his life.

He spoke to the local media before the Monday series opener and also professed his views about the current Blue Jays squad. He also hailed Vladmir Guerrero Jr’s development as a player. He reserved special praise for Jordan Romano’s who he regarded as the one of best players across the world. He admitted that the Cubs most likely won’t make it to play-offs season but if there is one team which he would back to go the distance, then it will be Blue Jays.
Stroman didn’t pitch in the Monday’s game but he did receive a tribute video from the Blue Jays before the match which highlighted some of his brightest moments with the franchise. Stroman had played five and half seasons with the Canada based franchise from the period of 2014-2019.

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