Lincoln Northwest High School plays its first football game — in a new stadium

Lincoln Northwest High School plays its first football game

Lincoln Northwest football team is going to their first game on Friday. Brian Lauck is the designated head coach of the side. The home side will host the first game in their program history at the Union Bank Stadium for the very first time. There is still construction work happening at the facility at the West Holdrege and the Northwest 48th street.

It is a race against time for the ground to be a ready before the game. Head coach has said that the labours are working like crazy. Some of the workers are very excited as this is the first game for the ground. The finishing touches are being done all around the ground from putting the sand and rubber pellets into the playing surface. Some finishing work is taking place at the press box section as well. Match is scheduled to start at Friday at 7pm. The first match is to be played against Ralston. A pre-game ceremony is planned at 6:30 pm in celebration for the first game.

Speaking to the press, Lauck conveyed that he is super excited as they the team and the support staff has put in extreme amount of work to reach to this point. It will be the first game on the Friday night with lights in the stadium with the crowd. He is optimistic and has conveyed that team is well prepared and ready for the face off and will be giving their best shot. Lauck is hopeful that the ground one to two days before the game and the team will be able to practice in the ground before the match day. They have spent the preseason practicing on the grass fields near the high school.

Lauck has left the stadium work on the construction workers and is now focussing on the football again against the Ralston. They had a a backup plan in case the stadium work was not completed in time for the game. Incase the stadium does not get ready, the plan was to move the game to Ralston. But seeing current situation, it seems certain there will be no need to move the game and Lincoln will host their first game.

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