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John Wayne Airport Faced A Lockdown – Suspect Arrested

The suspect, who breached airport security, broke out and stole a car or a tug vehicle and strolled around the taxiway.

John Wayne Airport Faced A Lockdown

California: An airport security breach is a reason for the lockdown placed on California’s Orange County’s John Wayne Airport on Friday. And shortly before 10:30 P.M, The Sheriff Department in the statement informed me that the suspect has been taken into custody. 

Orange county’s sheriff’s released a statement informing about a security breach at the airport. Due to which, terminal A, B, and C were put under the lockdown. All air traffic in the area was put on hold, which caused the delay of some flights.   

The incident began around 5:30 P.M., when an airport employee saw a passenger strolling around the secure area, to which only employees have access. After the airport employee lost sight of the man, he informed emergency officials. 

Suspect arrested behind the security breach

Then, the suspect, who breached airport security, broke out and stole a car or a tug vehicle and strolled around the taxiway. Then, the suspect abandoned the airport vehicle and began running on foot. 

As per the officials, the hunt for the suspect was closed for a few hours. However, it restarted after some time. Also, a low-flying helicopter was used to find the suspect around the airport. But couldn’t find the man. 

The airport has been under lockdown since 6:00 PM. And, passengers outside the airport are waiting along the sidelines waiting for the lockdown to be lifted. 

However, in the end, a man who is suspected of a security breach has been taken under custody by the officials. 

“The man was later located in the ceiling on the non-secure side of the terminal, and he was taken into custody without any delay and will be booked into Orange County Jail,” the Sheriff’s department said. 

And then, the John Wayne airport department, informed that “the terminals are reopened and the security checkpoints are processing passengers” Via tweet. 

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