JEA issues boil water advisory for UNF and parts of Jacksonville

JEA issues boil water advisory for UNF

JEA had issued an advisory to consume only boiled water for the University of Northern Florida and parts of Jacksonsville. They had taken water samples in these areas and had tested the same at their plant. It has been revealed that they found E.coli bacteria in the collected water samples. Post this result they had issued this advisory to consume water only post boiling same. This advisory is also issued to the other areas which are near to the Oakridge Water treatment plant. Apart from Jacksonville and University of Northern Florida, the other affected areas are Tinseltown and Town Centre business districts.

They are planning to test 6 wells near Oakridge on Friday and Saturday with the aiming of rolling out the advisory on the Sunday. It is advised that the presence of E.coli bacteria indicates that water might be contaminated with animal and human waste. Consumption of this might lead to diarrhea. The symptoms for same are vomiting, fever and stomach cramps. This is more dangerous to young children and aged people who can develop kidney failure which can be also life threatening.
So as a precaution JEA had asked to consume only boiled water. They have advised to boil the water for at least for a minute. After that, we have to let the water cool for a minute. It has been strictly advised to use only boiled water for drinking, cooking, washing dishes and making ice until further notice from JEA. One has can also use bottled water from the market. United States Environmental Protection Agency is the one who sets drinking water standards and had advised that the presence of E.coli is a health concern.

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