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‘Genshin Impact’: Updated Beidou Build For Version 2.4

Vital Details

  • The Emblem of Severed Destiny established performs extremely properly with Beidou
  • Akuoumaru and Luxurious Sea-Lord are effective alternate weapons
  • Beidou’s previous builds still get the job done pretty very well

In spite of new characters being additional to “Genshin Impact” above the 2. patch, Beidou continues to be just one of the most trusted Electro models thanks to her high offensive support capability and her extraordinary DPS on and off the industry.

Many of the new weapons and artifacts can be geared up on Beidou to fantastic result, which warrants an up-to-date guideline on what could be the greatest new builds for her in 2022 so far. While figures like the Raiden Shogun and even the upcoming Yae Miko are likely to get additional consideration, gamers ought to not rest on Beidou’s ability to electrocute anything in sight.

Here’s an updated Beidou create for “Genshin Effects 2.4.”

New Beidou Artifact Builds

A lot of the core artifact stats for Beidou continue to be the exact. Players will want to get a respectable chunk of Electrical power Recharge and the regular CRIT and ATK stats so she can spam her Elemental Burst without compromising on DPS.

[Genshin] Beidou's perfect counters generate a lot of elemental particles Beidou’s fantastic counters deliver a good deal of elemental particles Picture: Genshin Impression

Thanks to the substantial vitality cost on her Burst, gamers will want all-around 130% to 160% Electrical power Recharge on her artifacts, but this will however depend on the group composition. If there is a further Electro unit with good particle generation like Fischl or Raiden, then gamers can get away with decrease ER values for Beidou.

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The Emblem Of Severed Destiny may possibly just be the new very best artifact for Beidou simply because of the innate Electrical power Recharge passive and further Elemental Burst damage centered on her full ER value. On paper, this will make her do significantly less injury than the aged Noblesse Oblige and Thundering Fury combo, but not by a great deal.

Most effective Beidou Weapons

There are a couple of new notable weapons for Beidou, particularly the Akuoumaru and the Deluxe Sea-Lord.

Akuoumaru performs greatest with team comps that have substantial energy prices, as it will boost her injury drastically. When paired with a further Electro character and a workforce that has excellent particle generation, the draw back of owning higher vitality costs will become mainly negligible.

The tuna sword, on the other hand, is a straight-up buff to Beidou’s DPS output. It supplies higher ATK and an ATK% secondary stat as very well as a improve to her Elemental Burst hurt. The titanic tuna passive does not always synergize with her, but the included damage is more than welcome.

Wolf’s Greatsword and Serpent Backbone even now contend for the title of best weapon for Beidou, but Akuoumaru and Deluxe Sea-Lord make for fantastic options.

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