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As well as consuming into boot room, the addition of a hybrid drivetrain into the current Mondeo bodyshell has meant a reduction in gasoline-tank potential to in good shape it all in.

The fall from the 62 litres of diesel versions to the 51 litres of my petrol hybrid may possibly not appear like much but, presented that an MPG determine in the mid- 50s should really be easily achievable in the oil-burner, it has a considerable result on the car’s genuine-globe vary.

Chuck in that my regular overall economy has been dropping – now down to fewer than 45mpg general – thanks to the variety of city miles I deal with, and that I’m not in the routine of permitting the vehicle operate nearly dry amongst major- ups, and I have identified myself masking less than 300 miles in advance of possessing to return to the pumps. Which is effectively beneath 50 % the mileage I would be expecting to get concerning fills in a 2. Ecoblue.

This shortcoming is a person shared by plug-in hybrids I’ve run in advance of, but in their scenario, it was masked by the larger-ability battery’s ability to offer a useful added mileage in a ‘self-charging’ hybrid these types of as the Mondeo, nonetheless, in which it almost never runs on electric powered electrical power on your own for far more than a short burst at a time, it comes into sharp concentration.

At least those people all-much too-common visits to the forecourts are designed simpler and speedier by each Mondeo getting fitted with Ford’s Easyfuel procedure. You just launch the petrol flap and the spring-loaded lid opens only when the correct-sized gas-pump nozzle is made available up to it – with the additional rewards of protecting against unscrupulous men and women from making an attempt to steal your fuel and protecting against you from filling up with the mistaken sort.

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Not that there’s a great deal danger of the latter happening, so silent is the Mondeo Hybrid’s 2.-litre Duratec petrol engine. Diesel know-how has arrive a prolonged way in latest many years, but it’s really hard to match a nicely-engineered petrol for refinement. As lengthy as you are not pushing it hard, that is, mainly because need maximum acceleration and the CVT will keep it at substantial revs, creating factors uncomfortably thrashy.

That temptation is hardly ever there, and when it’s driven gently, there is tiny a lot more than a murmur from up front certainly, you have to be listening diligently to detect the changeover from battery to petrol ability when you’re relocating. Only if the engine kicks in when you’re caught in website traffic does it truly make its existence felt.

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