EXCLUSIVE: ‘Legendary’ Host Dashaun Wesley Breaks Down Ballroom Terms Heard Throughout Beyoncé’s Album RENAISSANCE [Video] – Baller Alert

It’s been a 7 days due to the fact Beyoncé dropped her extensive-awaited 7th studio album, RENAISSANCE Act I, and individuals just can’t get ample of the upbeat, euphoric physique of get the job done.

One thing obvious about the album is its homage to the LGBTQ+ community and Ballroom tradition. All all through RENAISSANCE, we hear the affect of Ballroom in her lyrics, beats and melodies, most apparent in songs like Alien Superstar, Heated and Pure/Honey. And we can’t aid but see her use of terms like “10s throughout the board” and “cunty” which are infamous in ballroom society.

Lots of would say this album is a “moment” for the LGBTQ+ community as the ballroom has been a safe and sound haven due to the fact the 1970s. Bey beforehand credited her late Uncle Johnny– whom she refers to as her “godmother”— for introducing her to this design of songs.

In honor of Beyonce’s tribute to Ballroom, we caught up with Ballroom legend and icon Dashaun Wesley to crack down some of the Ballroom phrases read through RENAISSANCE Act I. Wesley is featured on iconic shows like FX’s ‘Pose’ and HBO Max’s ‘Legendary,’ which released the Ballroom scene to the entire world.

Check out out some of the conditions Wesley  breaks down under:

Tune: Alien Superstar


Dashaun Wesley: “Explaining to every person what competition they’re about to see suitable now.”


Dashaun Wesley: “Usually they’ve been spooked, a flashlight has place in entrance of them and someone is point out like they are in a detective home and a person is inquiring them questions.”

Song: Heated

“10s Throughout The Board”

Dashaun Wesley: “It’s like building it past the level of competition to the up coming spherical. If you get 10s throughout the board from each and every choose, that suggests you actually did what you required to do to make it to the next round.”

“Giving Face/ Confront Card”

Dashaun Wesley: “When you give experience that suggests you are selling it, you’re permitting everyone see your all-natural natural beauty whether or not it is your pores and skin, your cheekbones, your tooth, regardless of whether it is your jawline, no matter if its the composition of your encounter. You’re displaying people what you have more than some others.”

Tune: Pure/ Honey


Dashaun Wesley: “It’s a feminine aspect of factors, an appreciation of feminine and dainty and softness.”


Dashaun Wesley: “It’s look at how this individual delivers what they are promoting, and for us, our approach is our features, our character of who we are. So the simple fact that she did Pure/ Honey and you increase the vibes into it with the beats and the appears it helps make you want to do the elements.”


See Wesley’s whole job interview down below, in which he talks ‘Legendary,’ Beyonce’s new album Rennaissance, forthcoming assignments and a lot more.



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