Equity Mutual Funds investments – Indians investing ₹1.5 lakhs crore per annum

Equity Mutual Funds investments

The equity mutual funds is one of the bestway to make gains from any investment you want to with any kind of investment possible. When you are interested in investment as an Indian one thing that must come to your mind is to know the required amount of gain you want to make and also how you want to be getting your income as installment either weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or yearly. For those who wants to use the gain from equity mutual funds as a source of meeting your needs from day to day, then you should go for the monthly type of investment so that you will be able to have additional income over your salary, that is your source of income on a monthly basis.

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In India, you can invest as much as possible and you will be able to make your gain from time to time over investment. There have been an increase in the amount of investors that have been able to house all the mutual funds available within the previous year and now accounting to about 1.6 crore investment. There have also been an increase in the folios added to the general account of the mutual funds and there have been an additional increase in this year after the rise in price for investments in the years 2015 to 2016 and 2016 and 2017 respectively to about 59 lakhs and 67 lakhs respectively. There have been an increase in the amount of funds available for all the investors.

Indians investments in Equity mutual funds

From the aspect of mutual funds, it have been observed that there have been an increase in the fund of the total investors and their folios gave rose to about record of about 7,13,17,301 during the early period of this year, 2018 and a record of 5,53,99,631 at the end of March in the year 2017. This led to an increase in the gain of the people involved in the regulation of the mutual funds to about 1.59 crore.

In India, there have been a shift in the type of investment which people involve themselves with and investors are now shifting from the investment in traditional asset classes such as real estate and holds and they are now going towards the financial asset classes of investments that are available to them public.

Mutual funds will bring a lot of income to people based on the amount of investment they plan on doing as the mutual fund itself is a pool of investments therefore you should expect a gain over all of your income after investing a lot on the funding.

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Mutual funds have the fulfillment of meeting the future needs of people as it can now be used to invest in the future of people, be it a child that have just been given birth to or not. The mutual funds therefore can be used to help to sustain yourself throughout the time when you want to request for your payment or gain over investment.

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