El Salvador government accept bitcoin as legal tender, Ethereum and Dogecoin fell down

After reaching the heights of $52,000 on late Monday, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin prices fell on Tuesday. Bitcoin was pulled to $43,000, and now it is at around $47,000.

Dogecoin and Cardano prices fell 15% and 12% to $0.26 and $2.5, respectively.

El Salvador’s Laws Towards Volatility

The Latin American country El Salvador has led to the volatility in the world’s largest cryptocurrency as it has accepted bitcoin as legal tender. Despite extensive national dubiousness and global risks for consumers, it has become the first country globally. 

Now its citizens can use Bitcoin for payment for products, and they can pay taxes in Bitcoin. In addition, it will be tied to the dollar exchange rates.

The El Salvador government has acquired approximately $20 million Bitcoin. It has installed 200 Bitcoin ATMs. It will load wallets with $30 worth of Bitcoin for registered users. Bitcoin exchanges will not attract capital gains taxes.

What Experts Say

According to experts, the overall crypto market value declined by about $300 billion within 24 hours. However, they said that bitcoin is still bullish as long as the price remains above $43,000. 

Leah Wald, the CEO at the cryptocurrency, said market reaction is not surprising, as the news surrounding the law implementor has already been priced in.

The CEO said that when this implementation was first declared, it didn’t fluctuate in price as some may have expected it might, maybe because El Salvador’s population is less than New York and because the announcement did not have many details that left people fenced on implementation. 

The CEO said that if other countries start acquiring Bitcoin legally, it can result in a parabolic movement and lead to higher crypto prices. She added that the transaction and processing fees and other hurdles make this more like a beta test than a solution to issues plaguing the country’s poor.

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