Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Could’ve Featured A Far Grislier Fate For Mordo

The storyboard, seen previously mentioned, arrives from storyboard artist Jeremy Simser. Sharing the art on Instagram, Simser described that because screenwriter Michael Waldron shared the scrapped tale depth of Mordo’s demise in the audio commentary observe on the new “Multiverse of Insanity” electronic launch, he believed it acceptable to share how it would have long gone down. 

The storyboard artist describes in his caption that it wasn’t until finally “very late in the procedure” that the workforce scrapped the idea. The creators guiding the MCU are regarded to make numerous last-minute modifications to their movies, something which is been a subject matter of dialogue as of late. Curiously, this deleted scene remains non-canonical, with the mainline 616 Baron Mordo even now alive and kicking somewhere.

The Baron Mordo that receives to share the highlight with Medical professional Strange is from an alternate Earth, serving as a substitute to the “serious” Mordo, who parted ways with Health practitioner Peculiar in the 2016 film with the ominous warning that sooner or later, the “bill will come because of.” Now, the only remaining concern is, what about Mordo created the creatives at the rear of “Multiverse of Madness” spare the key continuity version of the character? 

Feige and the group at Marvel Studios are always on the lookout to the upcoming, so the only logical answer, for the time remaining, is that Mordo has a a lot more considerable part to engage in than just getting cannon fodder for Wanda Maximoff. Only time will tell when Mordo will reappear, but one can securely think that when the bill does come owing for Health care provider Strange, he’ll be there.


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