Diving Into The ‘Very Special’ Anti-Drug Superhero Comics Of The ’70s

Of class, Peter shortly finds Harry overdosing on his Flintstones nutritional vitamins or regardless of what that was, and he spends the pursuing problem hoping to offer with that predicament whilst preventing the Environmentally friendly Goblin. Eventually, the Goblin realizes that the OD’d child is his son (to be honest, who can continue to keep up with Marvel continuity?), which would make him quit becoming evil and ignore that Peter is Spider-Gentleman. Possibly a far more rational storyline would have been to reveal that that dude was on medication the total time. 

Marvel Comics

It’s stressing that Spidey explained almost nothing about washing particular other overall body pieces touching the Goblin.

Since this storyline was commissioned by Uncle Sam himself, Marvel went ahead and printed it without the permission of the Comics Code Authority, which exclusively forbade any point out of medicines in comics, superior or undesirable. This genuinely pissed off DC, which had been scheduling its have anti-drug comedian for some time but was keeping it back mainly because of the Comics Code. The tale was section of the ongoing saga in which Green Lantern and Eco-friendly Arrow made a decision to go on a street journey to see the real The usa and take on everyday issues like racism, pollution, and a psychic very little woman edition of Nixon (you couldn’t go out with no getting jumped by 6 of these in the ’70s). In the obligatory drug-themed episode, Green Arrow is surprised to locate his sidekick, Fast, taking pictures up some smack, so he reacts by providing a smack of his very own. 

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DC Comics

DC Comics

“I much better go check out on my other sidekicks, Marijuano and Cocaine Larry.” 
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