Chrysler Airflow Cabrio Rendering Is A Cool Convertible Crossover

As automakers push even further into the realm of SUVs and crossovers, the abandonment of smaller coupes also signifies much less convertibles on dealership a lot. There have been some attempts around the years to offer you roofless SUVs over and above the likes of the Jeep Wrangler, but they haven’t precisely been, what’s the term? Great. Of course, that is certainly the term.

We have no notion if a new Chrysler Airflow convertible would be excellent. For that subject, we will not know if a conventional Airflow is excellent. The electric crossover was only lately revealed in notion sort, and a output product will not hit the streets until eventually 2025. The Airflow’s form, on the other hand, is normally a pleasing a person. And its lowish crossover profile is not as chunky and upright as that of, say, the Nissan Murano. We all know how effectively that convertible crossover experiment went in excess of.


Could a Chrysler Airflow convertible be superior? X-Tomi Style and design on Facebook previously stepped into that earth with an unofficial rendering depicting how such a motor vehicle could seem, and you know what? It is really incredibly great. It assists that, in addition to taking away the roof, this rendering also converts the Airflow to a two-door automobile. The rake angle of the windshield appears the exact same, but the A-pillar is a little bit shorter. The wheelbase appears the same as effectively, and while the sides are a bit tall compared to a regular convertible, it would not have just about the similar awkwardness as the infamous two-door Murano CrossCabriolet.

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All that stated, we don’t assume to see any kind of convertible variation from Chrysler when the Airflow enters manufacturing. Created as a five-passenger electric crossover, the Airflow will herald an electric revolution at the storied American brand name that will see all Chrysler goods completely electrical by 2028. Still, must designers extravagant a new convertible in the lineup, it really is good to know the Airflow could be an beautiful option.

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