Christopher Lee Had To Take Promoting The Wicker Man Into His Own Hands

The Independent’s 2020 history of “The Wicker Man” explores how Lee one-handedly saved the film from obscurity. But why did it tumble on him to do this? Since the creation studio driving the movie, British Lion Films, did not have faith in it they failed to even host a press screening for the movie. When it ultimately noticed release in 1973, as the B-image on a double invoice with “Really don’t Appear Now,” Lee achieved out to every movie critic he was acquainted with, inquiring them to see the motion picture and even offering to pay back for their tickets (his generosity proved unneeded every critic who agreed paid out their have fare). By functioning his telephone like a salesman, Lee sent “The Wicker Male” an viewers.

Lee’s activism ongoing when it was time for “The Wicker Male” to broaden over and above England. In 1975, the movie was distributed in the U.S. by Warner Bros. Lee then traveled the nation to publicize the release, all paid out for out of his personal pocket. Soon after all, Lee hadn’t signed on to the job for the funds. As he recounted in the 2001 documentary, “The Wicker Man Enigma”:
“I acquired paid out very little. I keep repeating to persons and they do not consider it really is correct. I have bought the contract to demonstrate it. Anyway, in some cases you do items for really like … If they paid out me my regular rate — and all people else their usual charges — they wouldn’t have been capable to make the movie.”


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