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Brazil government not allowing Apple to sell iPhone without charger and imposes fine

Brazil government on iPhone sales

Brazil is barring Apple from selling iPhones without charger and has also imposed fine of about $2.4 million. Brazilian government has declared this statement yesterday. They have also accused the US tech giant of doing discriminatory practices. Brazil specially expressed dissatisfaction over the Apple’s decision to cease the inclusion of chargers with the release of iPhone 12.

Brazilian government barred local sales of the iPhones which did not included chargers. The Ministry of Justice and Public Security of Brazil has also issued order to Apple to pay fine which is approximately $2.4 million. They have also revoked the iPhone 12’s registration with Anatel. Anatel is Brazil’s telecommunications agency which is equivalent to FCC.

The government released an official notice declaring the suspension of the distribution of the iPhone brand smartphones regardless of the model or version which is not accompanied by the battery charger. The suspension is enforced with immediate effect. DCPD has passed notification that essentially bans the selling of iPhone 12 and 13 versions. This announcement was made just one day before the Apple’s Far Out event in which it is expected that the new iPhone 14 will be unveiled.

Apple is going the appeal the decision of Brazil which is forbids them to sell iPhones in the nation. iPhone 12 is still available for sale in Brazil on Apple’s website. Apple has received penalties from the Brazilian authorities but it has not taken any effort to reduce the impact and is continuing to sell the device.

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In 2020, Apple has declared that they plan to stop providing charger or earphones with the iPhone and plan to provide a USB-C to lightning connected with its device. They attributed this decision to the environment concern. They argued that leaving out these accessories will reduce the environment effect of the iPhone.

Many believe that this decision is more beneficial to the Apple than the environment. The company have been searching for the additional cost saving measure to balance the new expensive radio frequency components which are needed to allow the connectivity as iPhone was the first version to have 5G feature.


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