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Barrier Eliminated In Advance Quantum Computer Design To Become A Reality

Since the chip requires a temperature below -270°C to work, more wires would generate excessive heat in the chip that affects the Qubits’ performance.

Advance Quantum Computer Design

Engineers from the University of New South Wales Sydney have shed a major barrier to make quantum computers a reality. Scientists’ have found a new technique that will dominate millions of spin qubits – the primary information units in a silicon quantum processor required for exceptionally complex calculations. Up until this point, engineers have struggled with a wired system of quantum processors that can control only a handful of electron qubits.

A faculty member in UNSW’s School of Electrical Engineering and Telecom said that their research team has the solution for an issue that had been a big issue for the quantum computer scientists for decades – the controlling way to not just a few, but millions of qubits that too without taking up much space by wiring system, consumption of more electricity, and producing more heat.

In their latest analysis, they have come to know about ‘the missing jigsaw piece’ in the quantum computer design that should allow controlling millions of qubits.

The Issue – Wire System

The faculty member said that until now, the control on qubits depends on the delivery of microwave magnetic fields generated with a current sent through a wire right beside the qubit that is really challenging and more when it is needed to scale up to the millions of qubits. A quantum system works with millions of qubits to solve problems significant to the globe like the design of new vaccines. And the magnetic fields really fly when they decline; therefore, the wire technique was challenging to control those qubits closest to the wire. It required much more wires that take valuable space in the thumbnail-sized silicon chip. Since the chip requires a temperature below -270°C to work, more wires would generate excessive heat in the chip that affects the qubits’ performance.

The Solution – New Technique

A total reimagining of the silicon chip design is the solution to issues in wire technique. Instead of inducing more wires, the team worked at generating a magnetic field from above the silicon chip. This way, all qubits can be manipulated concurrently.

This technique of controlling all qubits altogether was first asserted back in the 1990s, but nobody worked on this idea for a practical solution.

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