Araiza, 2 SDSU teammates accused of gang rape in civil suit

Araiza, 2 SDSU teammates accused of gang rape

Shocking news is coming from the world of the sports. Matt Araiza and his two other teammates have been accused of gang raping a teenage girl at an off campus party last fall. Matt Araiza had led his San Diego State to record season. He was recently drafted by Buffalo Bills.

A civil lawsuit has been filed in San Diego County Superior court against Araiza and his two fellow teammates from Aztecs –Zavier Leonard and Nowlin Ewaliko. What makes it even more spine chilling is that victim was not an adult and was just 17 years of the old when the incident happened. It has been advised that the incident happened at the Halloween party at Araiza’s home. The victim name is declared now as” Jane Doe”.

She was underage when the incident happened. Currently no arrests have been made by the police. Leonard is currently part of the San Diego team as an offensive lineman whereas Ewaliko is currently not selected in any team. He played as a defensive lineman from Seatlle last year.
The lawsuit mentions that the teen “Jane Doe” was drinking with her friends on October 17, the day in which the incident happened. The group decided to go the party. She was obviously intoxicated when she arrived at the party. She separated from the group during the party and it was at this time when Araiza approached her and offered her some drink. Jane believes that the drink was spiked and it not only contained alcohol. She believed it contained some intoxicating substances. According to the detail mentioned in the lawsuit Jane had advised Araiza that she was a high school senior. Araiza then took her to one side and asked her to do oral sex on him. Post that he had sex with her. Post same he took her to his bedroom in which there were at least 3 men including Leonard and Ewaliko. Araiza then threw the girl to the bed where she was raped. She lost her consciousness for some time while being raped, but she remembers some horrific moments of the gang rape.
After one and half hours, Jane got out of the room crying with full injuries. She told her friends immediately about the rape. She reported it to the Police next day and did undergo the rape exam which confirms the rape. I hope she gets the deserved justice quickly.

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