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After Cryptos big year 2022 promises to be a wild and fascinating ride

For 2021’s final edition of The Ledger, it’s only right that we reflect on what’s been a historic year for crypto. It was a turning point for digital assets—the year that they broke into the mainstream, expanding their reach into both the financial system and the popular consciousness. 

Asset values hit historic highs, with total crypto market cap topping $3 trillion for a time and crypto firms routinely raising money at multibillion-dollar valuations. Financial regulators worldwide began taking digital assets more seriously than ever before, calling for tighter rules and more oversight (if not outright prohibition). And the spectacle of the world’s richest man pumping, and then tanking, a farcical meme-coin on live national TV saw crypto’s cultural influence hit unprecedented levels.

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Harish Yadav

Harish Yadav is the regular reader of different newspapers and articles and writes about Financing and Investments. He also often writes for breaking news.

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