Add Petrol/Diesel in GST or not?

Do you want to have Petrol and Diesel under the slabs of GST.

In GST all the central and State government taxes will be replaced with one GST and everyone will get cheaper Petrol and Diesel.

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In the starting month of September, Petrol prices crossed 79 rupees in Gurgaon and Diesel price crosses 72 rupees. At this time a report reveals that now there are are huge tax amounts added in the petrol & diesel prices and in that price. Center as well as State have their own shares.

Also every state government have privileges that they can increase or decrease their VAT percentage charges on diesel and petrol and center government have fixed amount of charges in country. But state government is also imposing higher VAT charges from customers.

As a total outcome from state government VAT and Central government VAT on diesel & petrol prices, there are more than 40% amount is of taxes. Like more than 40% amount goes to government out of total money which we are paying for one liter of fuel.

And if Petrol & Diesel both are added in the GST then as per GST tax slabs, customer needs to pay only maximum of 28% of taxes. That means the price of petrol & diesel will decrease by 25% after this action.

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At this time, you can also participate in the social welfare and vote here if you want Petrol & Diesel in GST. We already explained the benefits of GST on petrol & diesel prices so you can conclude yourself and make initiative to make this vote bank maximum reach and our country’s population give their votes either they want petrol & diesel in GST or not or also they believe in current government that they will do right right for country.

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