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Achieve Profitability In On-demand Grocery Delivery Services

Implementing novel coronavirus safety measures will help your customers to ensure their utmost safety.

On-demand Grocery Delivery Services

The on-demand grocery service is an application-based model that works on the principle of immediate delivery. You need to deliver the grocery and related items like consumer packaged goods at the preferred time by the buyer.

The online sellers need to ensure things happen pretty quickly. Amid pandemic, when people do not want to go outside, online grocery delivery service providers can take advantage of it. Besides selling groceries, there are other ways to make money through your online store.

You can develop an app like Instacart, one of the most promising online stores, and run a successful business instantly based on Instacart Business Model by using the following revenue strategies.

1. Commission Fee

A commission fee is the source of highest-earning from your Instacart Clone App. You will get a commission percentage on every sale. Besides, you can modify the commission as per the order numbers. It means if your grocery store has huge orders to fulfill, it can charge a high commission. 

2. Delivery Charges

When it comes to services available at the doorstep, customers do not object to delivery charges. It adds up to the store revenue. 

3. Advertisements

You can promote third parties by putting their ad banners on your home page. It is one of the sources to raise a generous amount of revenue. You can encourage startups also. 

4. Loyalty programs

Customers are the basis for business success. You can integrate the app with loyalty programs to encourage your customers to stock with you and attract new customers. The more clients, the bigger your revenue is. 

5. Offer Safety Measures and Facilities Amid Pandemic 

Implementing novel coronavirus safety measures will help your customers to ensure their utmost safety. It can boost your grocery delivery business. A few features that you can integrate into an Instacart Clone App includes:

  • No Contact Delivery

A buyer can select “No contact deliveries” when placing an order and pick their grocery packages from their doorstep.

  • Priority Based Delivery

With this feature, you are facilitating the disabled, senior citizens, quarantined, etc., for deliveries on a priority basis.

  • Safety Badge

A safety badge indicates that your store is going through hygienic practices on a routine basis. It helps you to build trust.

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