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A significant milestone for APENFT; Barrett Wissman as Chief Investment Advisor

APENFT has hired Barrett Wissman to forge more stimulating connections across the art industry.

The Chairman and a principal of IMG Artists, Barrett Wissman, is joining the APENFT Foundation as its Chief Investment Advisor.  APENFT, backed by the underlying technology of the Ethereum blockchains besides TRON, is the foremost foundation and the largest investor in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). It has partnered with veteran artists and institutions including Christie’s and Sotheby’s and is planning to celebrate the togetherness of blockchain technology with the art world. 

An NFT is a decentralized digital asset that represents the stake of a virtual item. NFT holders possess rights to vote, share profits and engage in community events. It has been compared to concrete collectible pieces like rare trading cards and artworks. For instance, Ethereum or dollars are fungible because 1 ETH / 1 Dollar is exchangeable for another.

With a diversified NFT collection, it is furthering its mission of bringing the top-most artworks on the blockchain to the art world. APENFT has acquired works by most influential artists, including Picasso, Beeple, Basquiat, Fewowcious, Warhol, and Kaws. Its topmost NFT collection will help create a link between traditional crypto artisans and the blockchain. 

APENFT has hired Barrett Wissman to forge more stimulating connections across the art industry. Under the guidance of Mr. Barrett, it plans to continue strengthening its collection of artworks. 

Barrett Wissman is an enthusiastic entrepreneur, philanthropist, concert pianist, Chairman of IMG Artists, and head of Two Pillar Management company. He has co-produced plans with the best artists. Mr. Barrett continues to seek other expert technologists and art domains to facilitate APENFT’s mission. 

One of the inspirations behind APENFT, TRON’s founder, said that getting assistance from Barrett Wissman is another milestone for APENFT. 

APENFT’s art director said that it is exciting to collaborate with Mr. Wissman on many upcoming projects announced in the near future. It will incubate to promote the NFT artists of eternity. It also has projects to work on a partnership with museums sponsoring exhibitions. 

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