23 killed in Iraq turmoil after influential Shiite cleric resigns

23 killed in Iraq turmoil

Iraq has gone into another turmoil. It has been advised that about 23 people have been found dead and hundreds are injured in the Iraq capital following the resignation of influential Shiite cleric, Muqtada al-Sadr. There was ultimate chaos at the Iraqi capital post his resignation on 29th August 2022. Hundreds of supporter of Muqtada stormed the government palace in Baghdad. There were clashes with the security forces which have led to many death.

Around 400 people are reported to be injured. Military force of Iraq declared the nationwide curfew all across the country. Government has suspended the cabinet sessions in wake of this violence. Medical officials have reported that about 380 people were injured in the gunshots. Security forces had used tear gas while clashing with the supporters.

This violence basically followed after al-Sadr made an announcement that he would be retiring from the politics. His supporters pulled down the cement barriers outside the government headquarters with their ropes and were able to breach the gates. After breaching the gates, the supporters rushed to the posh salons and the marbled hall of the palace which is a key meeting place for higher officials. This prompted the security forces to react harshly. By evening there were sound from the usage of mortar shells and automatic fire weapon from the Green zone which has government embassies and ministries.

Al- Sadr’s party won the parliamentary elections held in October. They won the largest number of seats but could not secure enough seats to form the government. Since then the government has been deadlocked. He refused any sort of negotiation with Iran backed Shiite rivals and he subsequently exited from these talks .With that the country has run to political uncertainty which has ultimately led to the violence.

Iraq’s population is divided into distinct religion- Shiites and Sunnis. Under the leadership of Saddam Hussein, the Shiites were the oppressed once. But post the US invasion, Sunnis have become oppressed. Shiites has faced internal fights in their group with dispute centring power. For humanity’s sake, we all hope that peace come back to this nation.


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